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Created by COPAC – Pan American Canoe Confederation, IPCa has a bold and innovative proposal. It will offer training in four distinct fundamental areas to the promotion of Canoe: Coaches; Officiating; Paracanoe Managers and Classifiers, all offered in a distance education format and translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, comprising all 41 countries affiliated with Panam Sports, 27 active members of COPAC and two invited territories, working so that Canoe reaches all the countries of the Americas.

The expectation is that the training starts in July, online. According to the general coordinator of the IPCa, Fátima Fernandes, most of the material will be shared free of charge.


“It is the sport that I believe in”


“Canoe is a sport for everyone, regardless of age, gender, with or without disabilities”


“Anyone who is really involved in Canoe wants to see kids in the water”

Our Expectations

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Who makes IPCa Happen: Meet our Team

Fátima Fernandes
Classifiers Course
Othon Diaz Valenzuela
Manager Course
Thiago Borges
Canoe Sprint Coach
Thiago Borges
Canoe Marathon Coach
Thiago Borges
Paracanoe Coach
Argos Gonçalves
Canoe Slalom Coach
Argos Gonçalves
Canoe Polo Coach
Mauricio Bucci
Canoe Polo TO
Denis Terezani
TO Canoe Slalom
Carlos Muslow
TO Canoe Marathon
Allan Macdonald
TO Canoe Sprint
Allan Macdonald
TO Paracanoe

What to expect from IPCa


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